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Mohawk Self Insurance

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Mohawk Self Insurance (MSI) is a community based workman's compensation program for Mohawks of Kahnawà:ke. It is an alternative to CSST. Offered through the Social Development Unit of the MCK, MSI aims to provide a better quality of life for Mohawks of Kahnawà:ke by ensuring that all entrepreneurs provide proper insurance coverage for their employees in the event of an on-the-job accident resulting in injury. There is no charge to the employee.

Information regarding injury prevention, workplace safety, printable forms (with examples) and general instructions on your coverage are provided on this page.

Section 1.3 of MSI Policy
A worker assigned to work outside his or her usual place of work, on a project whose duration does not exceed five consecutive days, does not cease to be covered by the plan applicable at his or her usual place of work.

Meaning for subcontractors hired into Kahnawake, there is no need to register with MSI if the works or services are under 5 consecutive days.

To find out more information or for an accurate cost of premiums, contact the MSI Coordinator at the Social Development Unit.

MSI Newsletter

Enkarì:warahste - August 2014 - Volume 14, Issue 1

MSI Team Members

Joel Jacobs - Manager / ext.2370

Lorna Delaronde-Claims Officer / ext.2329

Chelsea Phillips - Client Information Administrator / ext. 2338



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