Kahnawakehrónon to receive new 360 litre Recycling Bins


Kahnawakehrónon to receive new 360 litre Recycling Bins - View PDF
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The Waste Management Department of the Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke wishes to inform all Kahnawa′kehró:non that distribution of brand new 360 litre recycle bins to all residents begins Monday, March 27th. It is expected to take approximately two (2) weeks to reach every home and the distribution should be complete by Monday, April 7th.

The bins are necessary for the operation of Kahnawà:ke’s new recycle collection truck equipped with an automated arm (see pictures below).

For tracking purposes, all bins will have a unique identification number which will be associated to the lot number of each residence. This will help in case one is stolen, etc. The bins are intended to stay at the property and should not be moved to another location. A pamphlet will be attached to each bin explaining what items are acceptable, pick-up schedules and how the how the bins are intended to be used.

As external funding was obtained for the purchase of the bins, this is a one-time event. Broken or missing bins will NOT be replaced, unless the homeowner purchases one. 500 extra bins have been purchased to supply new home owners into the future until supplies run out. Residents are asked to please take care of their bins as they are intended to last at least 10 years or longer.

The Waste Management Department is asking for the community′s patience during this transition period. All questions can be directed to Holly McComber at 450-632-5825.

The new recycle truck is expected to begin operating by mid-April.