Authorization Letters for Local Businesses and Employees


Authorization Letters for Local Businesses and Employees - View PDF

With the province wide lockdown coming into effect on Saturday, January 9th, the Kahnawà:ke COVID-19 Task Force (Task Force) would like to advise local businesses that authorization letters for employees can be issued by the owner and/or management.

“We’re advising all local businesses to provide authorization letters to their employees who may have to travel outside of Kahnawà:ke for the purposes of work,” said Robyn Montour, General Manager of Public Safety Operations. “Quebec’s curfew will NOT be followed in Kahnawà:ke, but those who have to travel to and from work between 8pm and 5am can do so, as long as they have a letter from their employer.”

The Task Force is recommending that the following information be included in the authorization letters:

As stated by Quebec officials, all workers who need to travel to and from work during curfew hours must have an authorization letter in case they are pulled over by outside police forces.

Additionally, with recent events and the current situation here in Kahnawà:ke, Ratsénhaienhs Frank McComber is available to the community to answer questions regarding  business closures and COVID-19 related restrictions. Ratsénhaienhs McComber can be reached via email or at 438-830-5049.