Clarification issued regarding elevated phosphate levels in pools


Clarification issued regarding elevated phosphate levels in pools - View PDF

The Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke is aware of concerns made by community members that suggested that the recent spraying of CP Rail tracks resulted in pesticide ending up in local swimming pools, and would like to clarify the situation.

After receiving concerns, the owners of local pool service companies were contacted for information and, apparently, some information may not have been properly communicated.

For the past five (5) years, pool companies have been testing pool water for phosphates (not pesticides) to help control algae. There are multiple sources for phosphate (organic matter in the pool, the pool water itself, water runoff, etc.). It is documented that the most common cause for high levels of phosphates in pools occur after heavy rain. It is also documented that this year’s elevated levels have been found in the pool service companies’ catchment area, which ranges from St. Remi to Longueuil. Higher phosphate levels have been present since the early spring – prior to any CP spraying.

Additionally, another sample from a pool in the village was tested and it also indicated elevated phosphate levels.

Representatives of CP have been informed of the issue and have noted that the method of deployment used would not cause elevated phosphate in pools.