Community Representative appointed to Kahnawake Justice Commission


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The Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke wishes to advise the community that Louise Mayo has been appointed as a community representative on the Kahnawà:ke Justice Commission.

The appointment was passed by consensus and formalized at the duly-convened Council Meeting held on Tuesday, May 23, 2023. Ms. Mayo′s appointment is for a three-year term ending May 22, 2026.

In May of 2022, Mr. Davis Montour was appointed as a general member on an interim basis until a new community representative was appointed to take his place. Although Mr. Montour’s term of office has now ended, he will continue to participate at meetings of the Commission in an advisory role. ,

The Kahnawà:ke Justice Commission consists of three (3) voting members, with one (1) non-voting member (the Commissioner of Justice) serving as the Chairperson. The appointment of Ms. Mayo fills the second of the two community representative spots on the Commission. The Commission’s mandate is to provide oversight to Justice Services by monitoring its activities in matters concerning the administration of the Kahnawà:ke Justice System, and to also ensure that the integrity of the Kahnawà:ke Justice System is protected and defended.