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Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke

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For an extensive listing of all Kahnawà:ke Laws, visit the Community Decision Making Process website at Note: Clicking will take you to an external site.

Community Decision Making and Review Process (CDMRP)

Kahnawà:ke Legislative Commission (KLC)

For a document listing of laws, please visit the Public Documents page.

With the 1979 MCK Mandate to move towards Traditional Government, the community of Kahnawá:ke has consistently been requesting more involvement in the making of decisions that affect the community. In May 2005 the MCK passed Mohawk Council Executive Directive to implement the mission of the Interim Legislative Coordinating Committee, now formed as the KLC. The mandate is:

“to effectively manage all of the MCK legislative initiatives from inception through to ratification; and to facilitate the establishment of the Legislative Agenda with the Government in accordance with these guidelines.”

In order to carry out the mandate, listen to the community; and maintain consistency with the MCK traditional government working group; and other ongoing process, the Kahnawá:ke Transitional Legislative Community Consultation/Decision Making Process was created and implemented by a Mohawk Council of Kahnawá:ke Executive Directive, effective April 1, 2007.

This process will be utilized for enacting community legislation and/or major community decisions. This also includes community consultation for government agreements, negotiations etc. And, was developed utilizing the ILCC mandate, consultation with the MCK Traditional Government Working Group; feedback from the community focus groups, and by utilizing in-house demonstrations/tests. It tries to respect the needs of the identified stakeholders and was developed based on four main factors:

Bullet The community outcry for a more culturally relevant, inclusive process for making community decisions or enacting community laws;
Bullet The acknowledgement, recognition, respect and acceptance of currently existing “community forums”; and their interdependency;
Bullet The need to create a common ground in which these community forums could work together as a whole, for the community’s common good; and
Bullet The right of community members to participate in a community forum for decision-making.

The Kahnawá:ke Transitional Legislative Community Consultation/Decision Making Process acknowledges the existence of the various community forums in Kahnawá:ke. It also recognizes that each forum has talent, knowledge and experience to achieve success. The interdependency of the various community forums results from their respective characteristics and the community desire to maintain its collective identity while struggling to deal with the contemporary realities. The Kahnawá:ke Transitional Legislative Community Consultation/Decision Making process creates a common ground in which community issues are deliberated and decided.
As a transitional process, it recognizes the right of and allows for community members participation in the decision-making process in a community forum.

As a legal requirement, each piece of legislation must be publicly posted. On the left you will find the laws that have been created or amended since implementation of this new process.

Any questions may be directed to the KLC Coordinator, at (450) 632-7500.

Please note: All Laws posted on this web site and are not official. For official versions or copies of Laws, please contact the Court of Kahnawá:ke at (450) 638-5647.