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Mohawk Council of Kahnawá:keTsi nahò:ten kahiatónnion a'arákonEnsaié:nawaseOnhkharéhson Aionkhihsnoé:nen
Tsi Ietsenhaientáhkhwa
Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke
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Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke

Tsi Nitiawén:'en ne Ratitsénhaiens Wahontkennísa

Weekly Council Communique

In an effort to increase transparency between the Mohawk Council of Kahnawá:ke and the community, a Council Communique will be made available on a weekly basis, briefly outlining decisions, reports or issues that were addressed at the regular Monday Council meetings.

** Grand Chief Joseph Tokwiro Norton passed away on August 14, 2020. The position for Grand Chief will not be replaced until the next election.**

COMMUNIQUE – Monday, 1 Enniskó:wa/March 2021

Meeting conducted via Video Conferencece

In: Ratitsénhaienhs Cody Diabo, (Chairperson), Lindsay LeBorgne, Rhonda Kirby, Mike Delisle Jr., Clinton Phillips, Harry Rice, & Gina Deer

Out: Tonya Perron (Vacation), Ross Montour (Vacation), Frankie McComber (Vacation) & Kahsennenhawe Sky-Deer (Vacation Day)

Also Present: Trina Diabo-Jacobs (Council Meeting Administrator), Dwaine White (General Manager, Office of the Council of Chiefs), Joe Delaronde (Public Relations) and, for Housekeeping & Upcoming Meetings only, Brandi Meloche (Executive Assistant to the Ratitsénhaienhs)

House Keeping and Upcoming Meetings

  • Cheque signers: Nitsénhaiehns Rhonda Kirby & Lindsay LeBorgne
  • Minute Acceptance for February 15 & 17, 2021 - Deferred
  • Gina Deer asked permission to participate in Howard S. Billings High School ‘Educational Forum’ meeting on March 17. Approved.
  • Wednesday: COVID-19 Task Force Update
  • Clinton Phillips: Wednesday: COVID-19 Task Force meeting
  • Cody Diabo: Monday & Tuesday afternoons: Wellness Time; Tuesday: Kanawaki file meeting; Thursday: Asbestos Civil Investigation (ACI) meeting
  • Gina Deer: Monday afternoon & Tuesday: Vacation Days; Wednesday: prep for meeting with Minister of Justice & Attorney-General of Canada David Lametti; Thursday: ACI, Executive Director/Chiefs Sub-Committee, and meeting with Minister Lametti; Friday: Gaming (legislation) follow-up meeting
  • Lindsay LeBorgne: Thursday: ACI meeting; Friday: Hydro-Québec Virtual Café meeting
  • Mike Delisle, Jr.: Thursday: Executive Director/Chiefs Sub-Committee meeting; Friday: Hydro-Québec Virtual Café, and Gaming (legislation) follow-up meetings
  • Rhonda Kirby: Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday morning & Thursday: Vacation Time; Wednesday: Internal Working Group meeting

Formal Agenda Items

Request for Decision: Kanawaki Lease Working Group
Presence of Eric Doucet (MCK Legal Services. Lead Portfolio Chief: Cody Diabo. (Note: Tonya Perron participated on this agenda item in order to maintain quorum). Client/Attorney Privileged

Mohawk Council Executive Directive (MCED): Aquaponics
Presence of Paul Rice. Lead Portfolio Chief: Cody Diabo. In regard to the Aquaponics Project, this is a request to approve the MCED for the Aboriginal Initiatives Fund to obtain 50% capital subsidy for equipment and, b) cover 50% of the Services Offer. Additionally, it is requested to approve the aforementioned Services Offer and up to $60,000 in budget to perform Funding Submissions, Market & Sales planning, and Regulatory & Technical studies. Passed by Consensus

Request for Decision, Mohawk Council Executive Directive: Gaming Table Reform
Lead Portfolio Chiefs: Michael Delisle, Jr. & Gina Deer. Request to reform the existing Gaming Table to reflect the composition of select Council Chiefs, supported by subject matter experts, with an immediate focus to undertake the specific Mandate to defend Kahnawà:ke’s jurisdiction in regard to new federal legislation on single-sport betting. In order to accomplish the change of Mandate, the original MCED (#21/2020-2021) has been rescinded; in addition to Ratitsénhaienhs Delisle, Deer & Ross Montour, the Table’s membership has been expanded to include subject matter experts Mary Lee Armstrong & Jean Pommainville (MCK Legal Services); Winona Polson-Lahache (MCK Chief Political Advisor); Murray Marshall & Dean Montour (Mohawk Online Kahnawà:ke); Herb Rice & Daryl Leclaire (Kahnawà:ke Gaming Commissioner); and Paul Rice (MCK Business Economic Development Advisor). Passed by Consensus

Welcoming of new Executive Director
Official congratulations and welcoming on incoming Executive Director Onerahtokha Karlie Marquis on her first official day of work.

Other Mohawk Council Executive Directives

• None submitted

Council of Chiefs Updates

  • Rhonda Kirby updated on her participation in last week’s Iroquois Caucus discussion on the Indian Day School Settlement
  • Mike Delisle, Jr. updated on various Gaming matters including political actions that need to be addressed and efforts to recruit a Commissioner to replace the departed Mark Jocks as a member of the Kahnawà:ke Gaming Commission; upcoming meetings with Hydro-Québec officials; and Labor Office activities
  • Lindsay LeBorgne updated on community members’ complaints; ongoing removal of Hydro-Québec towers
  • Harry Rice updated on Assembly of First Nations Quebec-Labrador Chiefs meetings on Education
  • Gina Deer updated on various Gaming issues and potential political actions to address concerns; Kahnawà:ke Economic Relief Measures Fund; and Fuel Tax matters; Iroquois Caucus meeting; and Quebec/ Kahnawà:ke Relations
  • Clinton Phillips provided an update on proposed agenda for upcoming Kahnawà:ke/Canada Relations meeting
  • Cody Diabo updated on Asbestos matters
  • Meeting ended at 12:13pm

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