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Mohawk Council of Kahnawá:keTsi nahò:ten kahiatónnion a'arákonEnsaié:nawaseOnhkharéhson Aionkhihsnoé:nen
Tsi Ietsenhaientáhkhwa
Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke
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Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke

Tsi Nitiawén:'en ne Ratitsénhaiens Wahontkennísa

Weekly Council Communique

To increase transparency between the Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke and the community, a weekly Council Communique is provided, briefly outlining decisions, reports, or issues addressed at the regular duly convened Monday Council meetings.

Monday, 18, Seskehkó:wa/September 2023

Meeting at Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke

In: Ratitsénhaienhs Tonya Perron (Chairperson), Kahsennenhawe Sky-Deer (attended virtually), Michael Delisle Jr., Jessica Lazare, Arnold Boyer, Lindsay LeBorgne , Cody Diabo, Ryan Montour, Ross Montour, Harry Rice, and Stephen McComber

Out: Ratsénhaienhs Iohahí:io Delisle (Medical Leave)

Also Present: Jaime-Lynn Deere (Council Meeting Administrator), Winona Polson-Lahache (Chief Political Advisor), David Lahache (Public Relations), and Assistants to the Council of Chiefs Sarah Delisle & Tyanna Kirby


  • Ohén:ton Karihwatéhkwen by Michael Delisle Jr.
  • Moment of Silence out of respect for the recent passing due to tragic accident that occurred on the weekend
  • Cheque Signers this week: Lindsay LeBorgne and Arnold Boyer
  • Public Relations Items: Chiefs Uncut – Tonya Perron (September 25); MCK Friday – Ross Montour (September 28); MCK Press Scrum (September 29)
  • Chiefs Upcoming Time Off: Cody Diabo - September 25 and October 2 to 6(Vacation); Stephen McComber - October 6 to 10 (Vacation); Ross Montour - October 4 & 5 am only (Vacation); Jessica Lazare - October 4 (pm only) 5 & 6 (Vacation); Michael Delisle Jr. -  September 29 and October 30 (Vacation); Harry Rice - October 25 to November 1 (Vacation); Kahsennenhawe Sky-Deer – October 27, 30 & 31 (Vacation); Tonya Perron – October 6 pm only (Wellness); Ryan Montour - September 26 & September 27 (Vacation)
  • Jay Treaty Border Alliance Summit Blackfoot Confederacy (Calgary, AB): October 11 to 13 – Kahsennenhawe Sky-Deer and Ross Montour to attend
  • Minute Approval:  August 11 & 14 - Approved by Consensus
  • St. Mary’s Friendship Gathering for Survivors:  September 30 (Ontario) – Information to be sent to Louise Mayo
  • Request for Traditional Welcome and Youth Workshop Opportunities: October 13 &14 – Chief Cody Diabo to participate
  • Great Lakes St. Lawrence Compact Summit: December 7 & 8 (Michigan) - Chief Cody Diabo to attend
  • Bill C-53 Rally: September 20 (Ottawa) – Kahsennenhawe Sky-Deer & Ross Montour to attend
  • Travel Request: Ross Montour - Bill C-53 meeting and Rally (September 19-20) – Approved  
  • Ratitsénhaienhs Community Engagement Kiosks scheduled for Friday, September 22, 2023, has been postponed out of respect for the funeral scheduled for Friday – new date to be determined at the next Council meeting (Monday, September 25, 2023)
  • Cody Diabo: Wednesday: Lands Unit, River Turbines Project communications material review, and Centre for Indigenous Conservation and Development Alternatives meetings; Thursday: Lands and Territories Portfolio meeting, Personal Time (pm only); Friday: Tioweró:ton Committee, and Tioweró:ton Project Consultation meetings
  • Jessica Lazare: Tuesday & Wednesday: Presenting and attending the First Nations Languages Rights in Quebec Conference (Quebec City); Thursday: Vacation Day (am only), Lands and Territories Portfolio, and Justice Commission meetings; Friday: Tioweró:ton Committee, and Tioweró:ton Project Consultation meetings
  • Ryan Montour: Tuesday through Friday: Bereavement Leave
  • Harry Rice: Tuesday: meeting with St. Andrews Society (donation for Orange Shirt Group); Wednesday: Kahnawà:ke Governance update, Kahnawà:ke Education Center meeting; Thursday: Lands and Territories Portfolio, Minor Sports meetings; Friday: Eviction Orders Regulations meeting
  • Michael Delisle Jr.: Thursday: meeting with MCK Legal Services, Quebec-Kahnawà:ke Relations (QKR) Transport, Kahnawà:ke/Canada Relations, Alcoholic Beverages Control Board meetings; Friday: Economic Development Portfolio meeting
  • Stephen McComber: Tuesday: Kahnawà:ke Collective Impact Working Group; Wednesday: attending Kateri School Social
  • Ross Montour: Tuesday & Wednesday: Bill C-53 meeting and Rally; Thursday: Kahnawà:ke Canada Relations, Economic Development Portfolio,  and Tioweró:ton Project Consultation meetings
  • Arnold Boyer: Wednesday:  Finance, Administration & Operations (FAO) monthly meeting; Thursday: QKR Transport, Public Works weekly, and Public Safety meetings; Friday: Jacques-Cartier and Champlain Bridges Inc (JCCBI) bi-weekly meeting
  • Lindsay LeBorgne: Wednesday: FAO monthly meeting; Thursday: QKR Transport, Public Works weekly meetings; Friday: JCCBI bi-monthly, and Eviction Orders Regulations meetings
  • Tonya Perron: Tuesday: Signing of the Alternative Measures Program Agreement, Review of Strategic Discussion schedule: Wednesday: Kahnawà:ke Legislative Services (KLS) working group, FAO monthly meeting; Thursday: Justice Commission meeting; Friday: KLS working group, and Eviction Orders Regulations meetings
  • Kahsennenhawe Sky-Deer: Monday: participating in panel discussion for Climate Week (New York City), Tuesday: Ground Break Ceremony for the Champlain Hudson Power Express (Hertel Project) in Astoria, Queens (NY); Wednesday: Bill C-53 Rally in Ottawa; Thursday: Multi-Purpose Building monthly Cabinet meeting, monthly Jay Treaty Alliance Co-Chair check-in, and meeting On Capital Campaign Project; Friday: Economic Development Portfolio and Tioweró:ton Project Consultation meetings

Agenda Items

Record of Discussion: Lion Bus Replacements - Item Deferred
Presence of Spencer McComber, Martin Morris (Executive Infrastructure Officer). Portfolio Chiefs, Arnold Boyer, Lindsay LeBorgne.

Record of Discussion: Installation of a Second Outdoor Rink – Sports Complex
Presence of Jean Guimond (General Manager, Land Management), Chris Stacey (Executive Infrastructure Officer), Portfolio Chief Cody Diabo. Request to the Council of Chiefs to support the decision of the Land Management Committee for the usage of common land already designated for Sports and Recreation, for the construction of a covered rink at the grounds of the Kahnawà:ke Sports Complex, adjacent to the skate park. Approved by Consensus  

Mohawk Council Executive Directive: Unappropriation of Investment Fund Reserve for Kahnawà:ke Sovereign Wealth Fund (KSWF)
Presence of Alexandre Beaupre (Executive Revenue Officer), Branden Morris (Investment Manager), Bear Lazare (Finance Manager). Portfolio Chief Michael Delisle Jr. Request to the Council of Chiefs to approve the MCED for the unappropriation of the investment reserve for the purposes of investing the KSWF according to the KSWF investment policy.Passed by Consensus

Mohawk Council Executive Directive: Tioweró:ton Terms of Reference
Presence of Veronica Leborgne (Director, Lands Unit)  Portfolio Chief Jessica Lazare. Request to the Council of Chiefs to approve the Tioweró:ton Department’s recommendation of the option of appointing designates to substitute the Director of Lands and the Commissioner of Public Safety, as needed from time to time as an interim measure until a thorough review of the Terms of Reference can take place. Approved by Consensus

Record of Discussion: Tewatohnhi’saktha Board of Directors Election 2023 - Confidential
Presence of Herb Rice (Electoral Officer). Portfolio Chief Michael Delisle Jr.

Mohawk Council Executive Directive: Gaming – Entain – Client Attorney Privilege
Presence of Eric Doucet & Marylee Armstrong (MCK Legal Services), Onerahtokha Marquis (MCK Executive Director). Portfolio Chief Kahsennenhawe Sky-Deer. Passed By Consensus

Executive Office Updates

Onerahtókha Marquis provided updates on the MCK Unit(s) Mandate Project, JFK file, health/COVID-19 variant, MCK Units/Offices Relocation Project, Human Resources Unit, MCK Orange Shirt Day (September 29, 2023), and Consultant Studies.

Ratitsénhaienhs Updates

  • Tonya Perron provided an update on the record, regarding direction that was established during an in-camera session held the week prior. The direction concerned Kahsennenhawe’s participation in a photo campaign of Birk’s Jewelry. It was noted that Kahsennenhawe Sky-Deer will be donating any stipend she may have received for her participation, to a community entity of her choosing.
  • Cody Diabo updated on environmental issues and possible water testing in future for volatile synthetic chemicals Perfluoro octane sulfonic acid in waterways
  • Kahsennenhawe Sky-Deer updated on an upcoming Indigenous event in Washington D.C and the potential to recommend youth participants, media requests, event last week with Architectural students from Montreal, and External Governance Relations file
  • Harry Rice updated on the repatriation of a 100-year-old birchbark (originally from Kahnawà:ke) canoe from Minnesota, which is now housed at the Kanien'kehá:ka Onkwawén:na Raotitióhkwa Language and Cultural Center
  • Arnold Boyer updated on the JCCBI File, Hydro-Quebec Vegetation Management Project.
  • Tonya Perron updated on the Community Review Board File, Justice File, and the Memorandum of Agreement for Alternative Dispute Resolution and the Youth Protection Settlement Agreement.
  • Closing by Kahsennenhawe Sky-Deer. Meeting ended at 4:30pm

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