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Office of the Kahnawà:ke Kanien'kehá:ka Registry

The Office of the Kahnawà:ke Kanien’kehá:ka Registry (OKKR) (formerly the Membership Department) is a department of the Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke which has been in existence since the early 1970’s. The Office of the Kahnawà:ke Kanien’kehá:ka Registry’s mission is “to provide a variety of client-driven services based on available documentation and information; facilitated with dedication to accuracy and confidentiality”. These services include providing clients with various letters such as Identification, Proof of Residence, Passport Disclaimer, Border Crossing as well as United States Social Insurance (50% or more). Other services provided include Statistical Support, Genealogical Research and Family Lineage Charts, Commissioner of Oaths, MCK Elections Support, Verifications for other MCK Departments/Organizations and Indian Registration Agent (IRA) Guarantor.  For more information regarding both Laws please see below. 

The Kanien’kehá:ka of Kahnawà:ke Law was passed on July 3rd of 2018, after going through the Community Decision Making Process for a lengthy period. After a period of regulation development we’re happy to announce that applications for recognition as a Kanien’kehá:ka of Kahnawà:ke are now available at the OKKR located at the Services Complex or an application can be sent by mail if requested. When picking up an application, a staff member of the OKKR will be available to give the necessary information to an applicant in order to ensure that they will return a complete application to the OKKR. Decisions on applications for recognition will begin in late summer of 2019. Should there be any questions about The Kanien’kehá:ka of Kahnawà:ke Law or the application process, questions can be directed to the OKKR either in person, in office or by telephone at 450 638 0500.

View the Kanien’keha:ka of Kahnawà:ke Law
View the regulations for The Kanien’keha:ka of Kahnawà:ke Law

The Kahnawà:ke Residency Law was passed on June 17th of 2019. The Kahnawà:ke Residency Law (KRL) was separated from the amended Kahnawà:ke Membership Law (KML) in order to focus on who may reside on the territory of Kahnawà:ke. There are several categorizations under the KML, which grant an individual the ability to reside on the territory. A person recognized on the Kahnawà:ke Kanien’keha:ka Registry holds the right to reside, as well as a person who hold the status of an approved Kahnawà:ke Resident or one of the three possible permits, which include a Residency, Humanitarian, or Work/Education permits. Although passed, the KRL is not yet implemented, and is currently undergoing regulations and procedural development. The aim is to have the KRL fully functional before 2020.

View the Kahnawà:ke Residency Law

Kahnawà:ke Residency Law FAQs


Office of the Kahnawà:ke Kanien’keha:ka Registry Staff

Melanie Konwenni Gilbert - General Manager
Shari Lahache - Senior Membership Officer
Arlene Beauvais - Membership Officer
Jennifer McComber - Administrative Assistant
Registrar (KKL and KRL) - Vacant

CONTACT: 450-638-0500