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Reminder - Second Call for Applicants for Community Review Board


The Kahnawą:ke Justice Commission wishes to remind the community that it has extended a second invitation to interested persons to submit applications for a Professional Services Agreement to serve on a five (5) person Community Review Board (CRB). The second notice period ends at 4pm tomorrow, Wednesday, October 23, 2019.

The Community Review Board will perform the duties set forth in the Kanien’kehį:ka of Kahnawą:ke Law, the Regulation Respecting the Community Review Board, the Kahnawą:ke Residency Law, and any other applicable regulations on an “as needed” basis. These duties include reviewing decisions made by the Registrar. It is an interim body that will function until such time as the forthcoming Administrative Tribunal is operational. At least two members must have legal training.

Applicants must sign a privacy waiver to allow verification that they meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Be at least eighteen (18) years old;
  • Be on the Kanien’kehį:ka of Kahnawą:ke Registry;
  • Be ordinarily resident in Kahnawą:ke;
  • Pass a background check, and;
  • Be in good standing with their professional order (if applicable).

The term of office is three (3) years.

Consideration will be made for applicants with legal training but not on the Kahnawą:ke Kanien’kehį:ka Registry or ordinarily resident in Kahnawą:ke.  These applicants will be evaluated in accordance with the priority listing outlined in the Terms of Reference.

Information on the term of office, remuneration and responsibilities of the CRB can be found in the Terms of Reference

Applications can be picked up and dropped off at the Court of Kahnawą:ke during regular business hours. Submissions must be accompanied by a Letter of Intent, two (2) professional letters of reference, a resume, and proof of legal training (if applicable).

For further information or to obtain a copy of the Terms of Reference, Application Form and Privacy Waiver, please contact Kevin Fleischer, Commissioner of Justice, at 450-638-5647, ext. 60269 during regular business hours at the Court of Kahnawą:ke.

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