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Tioweroton following same procedures as Kahnawake for COVID-19


The Kahnawą:ke Covid-19 Pandemic Task Force would like to remind community members who visit Tioweró:ton that all procedures put into place in Kahnawą:ke also exist on that Territory.

Though Tioweró:ton can appear to be a safer place during this time, it is essential to continue safe practices such as hand washing, not touching your face, and social distancing of two (2) metres (6 feet), including NOT having other people over to your cabin.

Those getting water at the main entrance are asked to please disinfect the hose and tap before and after use.

It is crucial to let the Caretakers know you are there and who is with you. This can be done by presenting yourself at the porch of the Caretaker cabin (office is closed) at the main entrance or by calling 819-321-3375 or 819-424-2377.

The Caretakers will request physical distancing if they see groups coming together. Please be respectful.
"We just want everyone to stay safe and healthy," said Caretaker Wendy Lahache.

As stated consistently during the past several weeks, please check Kahnawake911 for any updates.

The Kahnawą:ke COVID-19 Pandemic Task Force consists of designated health and safety representatives from Kahnawą:ke’s service organizations.

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