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Bullet goes through roof of community members vehicle - wishes for safe New Years without guns


The Mohawk Council of Kahnaw�:ke wishes to reiterate that it is everyone′s responsibility to keep the community safe at all times and - more specifically � that, with the exception of hunting, the practice of firing guns is prohibited.

While similar messages have been issued by various community organizations in recent years, the MCK was informed of an incident that took place a few days ago. The following email was sent to Rats�nhaienhs Frankie McComber:

"I�m letting you know that on Sunday my son returned home from work and parked his Jeep next to my home in my driveway at approximately 8:10pm. On Monday morning we noticed his windshield was cracked. No one knew why. It was only today Tuesday that we used his Jeep and I looked up and noticed a perfect hole in the roof of his Jeep. My husband looked through the Jeep to see what could of been the reason for the hole. He found a bullet on the floor of the Jeep. It was at this point we realized (that) this bullet went through his roof and must have hit his windshield.  My husband then called the PK�s to make a report. 

"It really scares me when I hear gunshots. I know I live in the woods and people sometimes like to hunt, but if people are hunting they shouldn�t be shooting off their guns up into the air. I hate to think of possibility of a bullet coming through my roof! It was too close to my home and worrisome. I made an angry fb post because at the moment I just wanted to cry imagining the possibilities, but now I just want to able to sleep comfortably without the worry of stray bullets. 

"My wish is that Kahnawake can ring in the  new year safely without guns .  It is irresponsible and dangerous and to just randomly shoot of a gun.

Ni�:wen for your concern,
Wishing Kahnawake stays happy and healthy, Sylvia"

"There are better options to ringing in the New Year," said Rats�nhaienhs McComber, who holds the Public Safety Portfolio for the MCK. "Some families now light fireworks, which SHOULD be safer and fun for all. But I shudder to think that an innocent person could be hit by a stray bullet fired carelessly in the name of ′celebrating.′ It′s time to stop this dangerous and illegal practice before someone gets seriously hurt of even killed."

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