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Important Ice Safety Notice � Truck breaks through at Marina


The Public Safety Division (PSD) wishes to remind Kahnawa′kehr�:non that, although temperatures have begun to drop, the ice thickness is still not ready for walking on and most certainly not for driving any vehicle on.

Earlier today, a vehicle broke through the ice near the Marina. Fortunately, the driver got out safely, and bystanders were able to retrieve the vehicle. Thankfully, the results were not as bad as they could have been.

As a precaution, the PSD placed �Danger � Thin Ice� signs at Johnson�s Beach and other key locations, as well as wooden barricades earlier today. The ice will be tested on Monday to ensure sufficient thickness before any activities can take place on the ice. The community will be informed of the results.

The general rule of thumb for ice thickness is:

  • Two (2) inches - STAY OFF
  • Four (4) inches and up - Probably safe for walking and ice fishing on foot
  • Five (5) inches and up - Probably safe for ATV or snowmobiling
  • Eight (8) to twelve (12) inches - Probably safe for smalls cars or light pick-ups
  • Twelve (12) to fifteen (15) inches and up - Probably safe for medium trucks

Please note, when ice is involved, you are, without question, at risk. There is no such thing as 100% safe ice, and it is crucial to understand this danger every time you step onto it.

For more tips on the dangers of ice, please click here, or call the PSD at 450-632-0635.

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