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Proof of Vaccination required in Kahnawake


The Kateri Memorial Hospital Centre (KMHC) Public Health Team Unit and the Public Safety Commission is advising all non-locals and/or visitors to the community that they must conform to all ′Proof of Vaccination′ (referred to by Quebec as ′Vaccine Passport′) directives put in place to combat the COVID-19 virus.

Ultimately, the decision to implement the measures was made to ensure the guiding principle of saving lives and protecting education, economy, mental and spiritual well-being was at the forefront. Reducing overall risk benefits the collective, especially those most at-risk: elders, children under 12 (who cannot be vaccinated at this time), and those not vaccinated (whether by choice or because of certain health conditions). Kahnaw�:ke Public Health consulted with the Mohawk Council of Kahnaw�:ke (MCK), who shared important concerns from the community on implementing proof of vaccination measures in Kahnaw�:ke. The data-to-date on the current climate of the Delta Variant and the current risk to the community (number of active cases, number of contacts in isolation to name a few) made clear that public safety for all held the utmost importance moving forward. This means that a decision was made that Kahnaw�:ke implement the recommended proof of vaccination measures for all, which was supported by the MCK.

"This measure reduces the chances for the most at-risk population from getting or transmitting COVID-19 when in a high-risk environment," said Lloyd Phillips, Commissioner of Public Safety. "The measure is specifically for non-essential environments, and the way we implement it in Kahnaw�:ke could differ from Quebec′s."

Since July of 2021, there have been 63 confirmed cases, many of which are linked to the "Delta" variant, which is an extremely high-contagious strain of the COVID-19 virus. Currently, there are 23 active confirmed cases, with MANY identified contacts amongst various clusters. We are very close to being unable to contact trace and isolate positive cases. The Public Health team has been working around the clock to contain the spread, but without the community′s help, we will all lose the fight.

Within the span of a month and a half of the Fourth Wave, the community has nearly 50% of the total cases that were recorded from all three previous waves combined. The current state of the community is very volatile, and without added measures, will only worsen. Kahnaw�:ke Public Health will shortly release a document with the information that guided this decision to move forward. 

Details on how Kahnaw�:ke Public Health mitigates the Fourth Wave moving forward and the proof of vaccination implementation plan will be released during a special ′Kahnawake911′ briefing scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon at 1:30pm on Facebook and K1037 Radio.

We can all make a difference! We have to work together as only Kahnawa′kehr�:non can - we cannot make this about vaccinated vs. unvaccinated; or about anger, frustration, and hate. This fight is about Kahnawake vs. COVID-19! Let′s respect each other and work together to win this fight! Our future generations will thank us!

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