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MCK issues statement to community


The Mohawk Council of Kahnaw�:ke (MCK) wishes to address the community with regard to recent statements surrounding elder abuse within the Kateri Memorial Hospital Centre (KMHC).

Firstly, we acknowledge the difficult time that individuals impacted by this issue are experiencing. The events that have led up to the allegations of elder abuse within the KMHC have triggered an important and sensitive dialogue for everyone affected: the elderly patients, the friends and families, KMHC caregivers and employees; as well as the community. This has brought about feelings of concern, frustration and hostility amongst some. Respectfully, this dialogue has created an awareness that there are several issues that need addressing, both at the KMHC and within our community.

While the KMHC has stated that incidents-to-date have been given their due diligence, they also acknowledge that there is still room for improvement in many areas. Their commitment to strengthen relations with the community through the creation of a Patient-Family Advisory Council is a positive step towards providing more community-driven oversight into service delivery provided by the KMHC. Furthermore, the willingness to improve the accountability of their complaint process through the addition of a complaints commissioner (ombudsman) furthers the effort towards working closer with the community.

On the community front, we commend the courage it takes each person to bring their issues forward, the exercised patience for positive change, and the countless effort taken towards a respectful dialogue.

�While situations such as these can be difficult to discuss, not everyone is able to express their concerns in a constructive way,� said Oh�n:ton �:iente ne Ratits�nhaienhs Kahsennenhawe Sky-Deer. �It�s been conveyed to us (the MCK) that the bullying and lateral violence that has been demonstrated is actually causing more distress and creating more problems than the original concerns at hand. While sensitive issues sometimes cause us to react in non-constructive ways, it�s important that we remind one another that in order to reach a healthy resolve, we as Onkweh�n:we, must focus on working together in a more positive manner. This is OUR hospital, and we need to do what we can to support it and its staff to get things on track, for the elders and clients of today and into the future.�

As the Mohawk Council of Kahnaw�:ke, we commit to Kahnawa�kehr�:non by doing our part to work collaboratively with KMHC management, their new advisory council, Board of Directors, and Kahnawa�kehr�:non so that we can restore trust, confidence and pride in our community hospital. Anyone wishing to have further dialogue with any Ratits�nhaienhs is encouraged to attend either of the two upcoming Chiefs Kiosks at the Golden Age Club on Friday, July 29th and August 11th, from 1-4pm. We also urge community members to actively participate in the new processes created by the KMHC. The development of these new spaces are a tremendous step towards improving the quality care and service that is provided to our community.

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