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Upcoming KEPO work in Tioweroton


The Kahnaw�:ke Environment Protection Office (KEPO) is advising the community that they will be installing temperature and depth recording stations in Tiower�:ton on August 4, 5, 8, and 9. The goal of these stations is to monitor lake conditions to assess fish habitat suitability and to study the effects of climate change on these waters.

Two stations (one shallow, one deep) will be installed in each of the following lakes: Lake Gagnon, Little Lake Gagnon, Red Trout Lake, Little Lake John, and Lake John. Stations will be marked with reflective buoys. Please be aware that a �grab line� will be attached to the anchors of the �deep� stations and floating a few feet off the bottom. These grab lines will facilitate equipment retrieval in the unlikely event of equipment failure.

KEPO asks the community to be mindful of these stations when fishing and boating on the lakes. Two atmospheric pressure sensors in PVC pipe will be fixed on trees: one near the Caretaker�s Office, and the other on the Fire Road. The pressure sensors are required to analyze the depth data.

KEPO appreciates any reports of tangled or broken equipment so that we may fix stations quickly.

For questions, please contact KEPO at 450-635-0600 or

Diagram of �deep� temperature/depth recording station. The top buoy will be removed before lakes freeze. (Left) - Temperature/depth recording station assembled on land. (Center) - Atmospheric pressure sensor to be deployed near Fire Road. (Right)

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