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May Kahnawake Stop Day Thursday


The Public Safety Division (Public Safety) of the Mohawk Council of Kahnaw�:ke wishes to advise road users that Thursday, May 18th is ′May Kahnaw�:ke Stop Day.′

Organized by community member Timmy Norton and supported by Public Safety and the Kahnawake Peacekeepers, ′May Kahnaw�:ke Stop Day′ is to create awareness of our community stop signs and the need for drivers to follow the rules of the road by making full stops at all times.

For this campaign, the Kahnawake Peacekeepers will have an increased presence at various community intersections to monitor traffic. Fines will be handed out to those who do not make a stop according to the rules in the highway code. 

Public Safety will post additional signs throughout the community with promotional messages to remind people to drive safely, stop, and slow down.

Another safety factor, other than failing to respect stop signs, is speeding. The speed indicator signs that were installed throughout several locations in the community indicate that there is a high occurrence of speeding at these key locations. Between November 2022 and May 2023, the radar signs recorded the following:

  • Karonhian�nhnha � 460,036 vehicles, average speed of 60km/hour in a 30km zone. Less than 2% of drivers respect the limit (15% of drivers speed +10km/hour, 33% speed 11-20km/hr above the limit, and the remaining 50% speed 21km + over the limit).
  • Kateri School � 354,559 vehicles, average speed of 33km/hour in a 30km zone. Approximately 74% of drivers respect the limit.
  • Kahnaw�:ke Moose Lodge � 172,772 vehicles, average speed of 40km/hour in a 30km zone. Approximately 37% of drivers respect the limit.
  • Old Chateauguay Road (near Hilltop) � 988,069 vehicles, average speed of 45km/hour in a 30km zone. Approximately 37% of drivers respect the limit.

Additionally, case statistics from the Court of Kahnaw�:ke show that over the past ten months, there have been:

  • 102 Stop sign violations
  • 174 Red light violations
  • 173 Failures to comply with road signs
  • 958 Speeding above-posted limit
  • 17 Speeding or actions endangering human life/property

For further information, contact Public Safety at 450-632-0635.

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