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MCK Issues Statement to Community on important issues


The Mohawk Council of Kahnawake (MCK) is providing accurate information to the community concerning some recent matters. The response is to ensure the organization remains accountable while at the same time protecting the community′s overall interests.
Firstly, the Council of Chiefs recently addressed an internal matter related to Council Chief conduct. We assure the community that the decision taken is based on protecting the integrity of the MCK as an organization and was taken in the best interests of the community. No other information can be provided at this time.
Secondly, with respect to the media blackout that is currently in effect and mandated by the MCK Public Relations Unit (PRU) - we remind the community that, as with every other impending Council election, PRU implements the blackout period for elected officials in order to ensure there is no unfair advantage given to incumbent candidates. While this normally occurs close to Nomination Day, this year, the media blackout was instituted on Friday, May 17th at 4pm after the weekly news coverage was aired and printed in the local media. Although the media blackout prevents media from highlighting the work of individual Ratitsenhaienhs, current Council members are still actively working and are available to discuss issues related to their files with community members right up until the election. 
During this time, press announcements and media relations will be carried out without attribution to any specific Ratsenhaienhs. All media relations will be managed by staff from PRU, the Office of the Council of Chiefs, or other operational designate as the main spokesperson, in consultation with the appropriate Chief and/or technician(s).
Despite this temporary procedural change, the MCK remains committed to maintaining open, honest, and consistent messaging to the community on important matters, and are continuing the organizational work required in all aspects. As with any other time, input and respectful dialogue with our community members remains a priority and all requests to the Council of Chiefs are carefully considered and responded to, regardless of the media blackout period.

For more information on the media blackout or to provide feedback, please contact:
Lisa Lahache,
Political Press Attach�
450-632-7500 ext. 63251

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