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Kahnawake Revisited: The St-Lawrence Seaway


MCK acts on landfill concerns


The Mohawk Council of Kahnawą:ke (MCK) wishes to advise Kahnawa’kehró:non that a company with expertise in hazardous materials services has been hired to help address an issue regarding concrete fragments that may contain bound asbestos fibers (fibers mixed directly in the concrete) found on several undeveloped lots in the ‘New Development’ area in Lot 106, as well as an empty lot between the Catholic Cemetery and the 207...

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Old Malone Highway road closure rescheduled


The Capital Unit of the Mohawk Council of Kahnawą:ke would like to inform the Community that the upcoming closure of the Old Malone Highway from the intersection at Iron Horse Warehouse to the Funeral Parlor on Wednesday June 19th is rescheduled. The closure will take place on Thursday, June 20th from 7am to 3pm, weather permitting.

Shown below is a map of the general area.  The shaded area indicates wh...

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Sgt. Detective Larry Beaton retires from Peacekeepers


The Mohawk Council of Kahnawą:ke (MCK) wishes to inform the community that Sgt. Detective Larry Beaton is retiring from the Kahnawą:ke Peacekeepers after a 26-year career with the force.

Today is his last day on the job.

After graduating from the Justice Institute of British Columbia, his first day of work was June 28, 1993 with the Peacekeepers. He rose through the ranks to become a full-time Investigator ...

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Old Malone Highway road closure


The Capital Unit of the Mohawk Council of Kahnawą:ke would like to inform the Community of the upcoming closure of the Old Malone Highway from the Iron Horse Warehouse intersection to the Funeral Parlor. The closure is for the installation of a new waterline and will take place on Wednesday, June 19, 2019 from 7am to 3pm, weather permitting.

Shown below is a map of the general area.  The shaded area indicates ...

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Melanie Gilbert formally appointed as Registrar


The Mohawk Council of Kahnawą:ke (MCK) wishes to inform the community that Melanie Gilbert has been formally appointed today as the Registrar for the Kanien’kehį:ka of Kahnawą:ke Law and the Kahnawą:ke Residency Law.

The appointment, which was passed unanimously by the Council of Chiefs at today’s duly-convened Council meeting, is a requirement of both Laws.

Ms. Gilbert was the Director of the ...

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The Kahnawà:ke Search and Rescue team headed out to Alburgh, Vermont to receive professional training from the North Country International Fire Training School. KTV spoke with General Manager of Emergency Preparedness & Planning, KellyAnn Meloche.

MCK Housing Survey Results available

April 5, 2019

Chief & Council have accepted the MCK Housing Assessment Final Report (“the Report”) and the progress of the recommendations contained within. The Summary Report is now available at

The Report was presented by Executive Financial Officer Paul Rice at the Council meeting this past Monday, 1 Onerahtókha/April. More information on the report can be found in the following documents:

Press Release: MCK Housing Assessment Final Report Accepted by Chief and Council
View the MCK Housing Assessment Report - April 2019

Housing Survey Results available

January 23, 2019

The Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke (MCK) is pleased to release the results of the recent Housing Survey conducted to gauge Kahnawa'kehró:non with current Housing needs, from November 21 to December 21, 2018.

- Housing Survey Results - January 23, 2019

MCK announces potential groundbreaking economic opportunity

September 13, 2018

The Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke (MCK) wishes to announce that it is currently studying and exploring an opportunity to build and operate a state-of-the-art production and processing facility with Canopy Growth Corporation, a company that has emerged as the global leader in the field of cannabis cultivation, research and product development. For clarity, there is no agreement in place.

The MCK has issued a Kahnawà:ke Economic Development Fact Sheet to help explain the opportunity and the rationale for creating a relationship with Canopy Growth:

Kahnawà:ke Economic Development Fact Sheet

Read the press release issued September 13, 2018

MCK Strategic Plan 2017-2022

March 29, 2017

The Strategic Plan is designed to guide the administration and operations of the MCK over the next five years. The plan is a roadmap designed to preserve and enhance the roles and purpose of the MCK by identifying opportunities, maximizing its resources and focusing on key strategic goals that will improve MCK services and the quality of life for the community.

Download the strategic plan and watch a short summary clip below:

Enkarì:warahste - MCK Strategic Plan 2017-2022

MCK Reiterates position on Membership

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

The MCK reiterates its support for the Kahnawà:ke Membership Law in light of recent events regarding non-eligible, non-Indigenous individuals residing on the Territory in clear contravention of the law.

Chief & Council have issued an Open Letter to community members to clarify the MCK’s position on the matter. Another separate Open Letter is intended for the aforementioned non-eligible persons. Both are available below.

The MCK is preparing a plan of action to help alleviate some of the difficulties that surfaced in the aftermath of a series of community-organized meetings held on this topic. The creation of a formal engagement strategy will begin at the Community Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, September 16th.

In the meantime it was felt that the community should be reminded of the origins and history of the 2003 Kahnawà:ke Membership Law, the 1984 Mohawk Law on Membership and 1981 Moratorium on Mixed Marriages. As such, a pamphlet that was prepared for the current amendment process for the 2003 Kahnawà:ke Membership Law, also available below.

Additionally, a random survey of 360 Kahnawa’kehró:non conducted in 2011 is also being made available at for the purposes of illustrating community sentiment on the topic of Membership. In response to the question, “Should the Kahnawà:ke Membership Law allow all non-Natives married to a Member to live in Kahnawà:ke?” 263 respondents (78%) totally or somewhat disagreed, with 76 respondents (22%) agreeing, somewhat agreeing, or totally agreeing. 21 people did not offer a response to this particular question.

“While the laws have changed over the years, the community has been remarkably consistent in its support of the residency requirements,” said Grand Chief Michael Ahríhron Delisle, Jr. “Chief & Council are obligated to uphold Kahnawà:ke laws, while always being mindful that there will always be those who aren’t in favor of the law and that we must listen to their concerns and suggestions. We ask that everyone remain peaceful and respectful during this emotional time.”

Enkarì:warahste - Open Letter to Community Members
Enkarì:warahste - Open Letter to Non-Indigenous persons residing illegally on the Territory
Enkarì:warahste - Kahnawà:ke Membership Law pamphlet (prepared for CDMP amendment process)
Enkarì:warahste - A Review of the Kahnawà:ke Membership Law (By MCK Membership)
Enkarì:warahste - Council of Elders Operational Review (By Organizational Development Services)
Enkarì:warahste - 2011 Results of a Survey on Membership in Kahnawà:ke and the 2003 Kahnawà:ke Membership Law
Enkarì:warahste - 2003 Kahnawà:ke Membership Law

Shared Vision Statement

The Visioning Committee Presented the Shared Vision Statement to Chief and Council on December 7, 2009

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A look at Residency in Kahnawą:ke: Seven (7) snapshots

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Kahnawà:ke Aoká:ra

A history of the community and people of Kahnawá:ke.

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A listing of the most recent public documents:

Enkarì:warahste - MCK Housing Department Assessment Summary Report

Enkarì:warahste - Draft Water and Sanitation Policy

Enkarì:warahste - 2018-2019 MCK School Bus Schedule

Enkarì:warahste - Route 207 Safety Survey Results

Enkarì:warahste - Antenna System Siting Protocol

Enkarì:warahste - Political Priorities for Council of Chiefs 2015 - 2018

Enkarì:warahste - Kahnawake Workforce Inclusion Plan (Champlain Bridge Corridor Project)

Enkarì:warahste - 2016/2017 MCK Annual Budget

Enkarì:warahste - Kahnawà:ke Waste Management Plan

Enkarì:warahste - MCK summary of Quebec's Online Gambling: When the Reality of the Virtual Catches Up with Us" report)

Enkarì:warahste - Response to Editorial on National Post re: The Kahnawake Mohawk Council vs. Basic Human Rights (written by Marni Soupcoff)

Enkarì:warahste- Kahnawà:ke/Quebec Labour Agreement

Enkarì:warahste - Open Letter to Prime Minister Harper re: Canada's FNEA - 11/15/2013

Enkarì:warahste - Mohawk Council Executive Directive condemning Canada's FNEA - 11/15/2013

Akwé:kon Kahiatonhseraró:ron All documents


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