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Economic Relief Measures Fund

Economic Relief Measures Fund


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MCK Mission


Kahnawake Revisited: The St-Lawrence Seaway


Partial left lane closure tonight in both directions on the Mercier Bridge


The Mohawk Council of Kahnawą:ke (MCK) has been advised by the Ministčre des Transports du Québec that work to open the by-pass/detour section between the two superstructures will take place tonight from 9pm to Saturday at 5am.

This work will require a partial closure of the left-hand lane in both directions on the Mercier bridge, over the section between the Seaway and St. Lawrence River.

The MCK rem...

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No effect to Kahnawake from change in Montreal-Laval curfew


The Kahnawą:ke COVID-19 Task Force wishes to inform the community that changes to the provincial curfew on the Island of Montreal and Laval that go in effect Sunday, April 11th will not affect measures currently in place in Kahnawą:ke.

As the surrounding municipalities on the South Shore remain with a 9:30pm curfew, local businesses that have been permitted to be open until 9pm ca...

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New Masking Recommendations


The Kahnawą:ke COVID-19 Task Force and the Kateri Memorial Hospital Centre would like to remind the community of the importance of new masking recommendations. Despite the high vaccination rate for the community, proper masking adds an additional layer of protection against the transmission of the COVID-19 virus and the variants, to further protect our loved ones and those who are most vulnerable.

It is ...

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Special Vaccination Clinic for 16 and 17 year old Community Members


The Kahnawą:ke COVID-19 Task Force (Task Force) wishes to inform the community that the Vaccination Center will be open next week on a special schedule to provide the Pfizer Vaccine to community members who are 16 and 17 years of age. Those who are eligible are being asked to register online by visiting, and follow the link to ...

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Amendments to the Emergency Preparedness Law in force


The Mohawk Council of Kahnawą:ke (MCK) wishes to advise the community that a Mohawk Council Resolution (#1/2021-2022) to amend the Emergency Preparedness Law (“The Law”) was unanimously passed at the Tuesday, April 6th Council meeting.

The amendment allows for the instating of a Recovery Period after a State of Emergency has been lifted, to ensure a gradual transition between the height of an emer...

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MCK denounces Bill 61's violation of Mohawk rights and environmental standards

The Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke (MCK) has sent a letter in opposition to Quebec’s proposed Bill 61, an emergency law being proposed by the Provincial government to restart the Quebec economy due to impacts as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

While the MCK is not opposed to the restarting of the economy, the proposed law allows for the fast tracking of infrastructure projects, by reducing safeguards associated with land takings and environmental authorizations, which will result in a direct violation of Quebec's duty to consult for projects on Mohawk Territory, including the Mercier Bridge reconstruction project and projects within the Seigneury of Sault St. Louis land grievance lands.

The law is being tabled this Friday, June 12, 2020, and, if passed, new projects can be added to benefit from this legislation over the next 2 years, and the measures will be in effect for 5 years.

“Since the Europeans first arrived on our shores, they have forcibly and systematically taken our lands without compensation or consultation, and with no respect for our rights and treaties,” said Ratsénhaienhs Ross Montour. “We have an international seaway running through the heart of what’s left of our Territory that removed our people from the St Lawrence River. We have a major bridge and connecting highways that provide Montreal with a vital artery at the expense of cutting through ours. With this legislation, new projects can move forward with reduced environmental protection and with little or no regard for the impacts to our rights”

The letter is below

Enkarì:warahste - Open Letter to Premier Legault and Minister Dubé

COVID-19 Related Notices

The MCK is acting on mandatory measures and encouraging everyone else to follow the recommended measures as directed by the Kahnawake COVID-19 Task Force. The following MCK releases are related to COVID-19

Enkarì:warahste - Important Notice for businesses regarding Inspections
Enkarì:warahste - State of Emergency extended
Enkarì:warahste - Plan for Phase 1 on Reopening of Kahnawake Economy
Enkarì:warahste - KEPO 2020 Tree Giveaway Cancelled
Enkarì:warahste - COVID-19 Task Force Updates Essential Services List
Enkarì:warahste - Reminder - All MCK Job Postings remain on hold
Enkarì:warahste - Important Notice regarding Tioweró:ton
Enkarì:warahste - Kahnawà:ke Economic Relief Measures Payment
Enkarì:warahste - MCK issues reminder that Task Force is non-political
Enkarì:warahste - Kahnawake stores remain CLOSED to non-residents
Enkarì:warahsteCOVID-19 Survey Results released
Enkarì:warahsteGarden Soil deliveries added to Construction, Landscaping and Gardeners directives
Enkarì:warahste - Water and Sewer payment deadline extended to June 30th
Enkarì:warahste - COVID-19 Task Force statement on Declaration of State of Emergency
Enkarì:warahste - Reminder – COVID-19 Task Force Guiding Principles
Enkarì:warahste - Official Declaration of State of Emergency
Enkarì:warahste - Social Assistance recipients NOT required to contact Client-Based Services this month
Enkarì:warahste - Community Clean-Up Challenge EXTENDED through Sunday
Enkarì:warahste - Spring Clean-Up gets $1000 added prize donation for participants
Enkarì:warahste - School Bus Testing taking place today
Enkarì:warahste - Court of Kahnawake sessions cancelled until August, Justices will not officiate weddings
Enkarì:warahste - Task Force updates on Construction, Landscaping and Gardeners directives
Enkarì:warahste - Spring Clean-Up Challenge during pandemic
Enkarì:warahste - Tyendinaga restricted to local traffic, no hunting and fishing
Enkarì:warahste - One Month Community Review Survey
Enkarì:warahste - Kahnawake COVID-19 Task Force mandate renewed
Enkarì:warahste - Important Notice regarding Quebec announcements
Enkarì:warahste - May 12th Spring Community Meeting postponed 
Enkarì:warahste - Important Notice regarding new restricted access signage 
Enkarì:warahste - Kahnawake COVID-19 Relief Fund Receives $1 Million from Mohawk Online
Enkarì:warahste - PK Warning - Text Message Scam
Enkarì:warahste - Update on Fire Ban
Enkarì:warahste- The Kahnawà:ke Economic Relief Measures Fund Public Notice
Enkarì:warahste- Total Fire Ban in Effect 
Enkarì:warahste- Peacekeepers issue fines for non-compliance 
Enkarì:warahste- MCK Housing Payments  
Enkarì:warahste- EXO (formerly CITSO) bus service to Kahnawake suspended indefinitely due to COVID-19  
Enkarì:warahste- Avis du groupe de travail de COVID-19 - TOUS les magasins de Kahnawake sont fermés aux non-résidents, sous peine de sanction 
Enkarì:warahste- COVID-19 Task Force Notice – ALL stores in Kahnawake closed to Non-Locals, subject to fines 
Enkarì:warahste- Important Notice regarding Tioweroton
Enkarì:warahste- No recycling or compost for Easter weekend    
Enkarì:warahste- Kahnawà:ke Economic Relief Measures Fund Client Based Services
Enkarì:warahste- Reminder – Water and Sewer payment deadline extended to April 30th, new payment option available 
Enkarì:warahste- Road closure near Kateri Memorial Hospital Centre
Enkarì:warahste- Task Force reminder – FOLLOW LOCAL RESTRICTIONS
Enkarì:warahste- Essential Services to undergo inspections to ensure proper precautions in place
Enkarì:warahste- COVID-19 medical questions being answered
Enkarì:warahste- COVID-19 Task Force recommends removing and washing clothing upon entering your home 
Enkarì:warahste- MCK Client-Based Services asks clients to prep for Direct Deposit 
Enkarì:warahste- $9 million Economic Relief Measures Fund launched 
Enkarì:warahste- Tioweroton following same procedures as Kahnawake for COVID-19 
Enkarì:warahste- MCK main building limited to essential staff only 
Enkarì:warahste- Full list of Essential Services and Businesses available to the public
Enkarì:warahste- COVID-19 Task Force announces new directives as situation worsens
Enkarì:warahste- Notice – NO tobacco products being sold in Kahnawake
Enkarì:warahste- Court of Kahnawake extends deadlines for payment of Traffic Tickets and Fines
Enkarì:warahste- COVID-19 Fraudulent phone calls
Enkarì:warahste- COVID-19 UPDATES ON CHANNEL 300
Enkarì:warahste- COVID-19 Symptom Self-Assessment Tool
Enkarì:warahste- COVID-19 Task Force takes additional measures today
Enkarì:warahste- Important Notice regarding weight restrictions for Tioweró:ton bridges
Enkarì:warahste- Garbage and Recycling collection update (contains NEW information)
Enkarì:warahste - Grand Chief statement to community regarding Covid-19
Enkarì:warahste - Important update regarding Garbage and Recycling collection
Enkarì:warahste - Tioweroton main office closed to the public, Caretakers remain available
Enkarì:warahste - Deadline for Water and Sewer payments extended to April 30th
Enkarì:warahste - Tioweroton Main Caretaker cabin closed to public, Caretakers remain available
Enkarì:warahste - Deadline for Water and Sewer payments extended to April 30th
Enkarì:warahste - MCK Housing Unit announces Essential Services measures
Enkarì:warahste - Important notice from MCK Client-Based Services
Enkarì:warahste - MCK puts all non-essential services ON HOLD during pandemic
Enkarì:warahste - Kahnawake Fire Brigade reminder: Measures to combat COVID-19 in effect
Enkarì:warahste - COVID-19 Task Force issues important NOTICE regarding Restaurants, Social Clubs, Fitness Centers, etc
Enkarì:warahste - COVID-19 Task Force Message to Ironworkers
Enkarì:warahste - All MCK job postings on hold until further notice
Enkarì:warahste - Court of Kahnawake postponing upcoming sessions
Enkarì:warahste - Cancellations and closures
Enkarì:warahste - MCK officially activates COVID-19 Emergency Operations Center
Enkarì:warahste - COVID-19 Health Alert
Enkarì:warahste - Kahnawake Fire Brigade: Measures to combat COVID-10 in effect
Enkarì:warahste - Ironworkers, travelers returning to Kahnawake requested to self-isolate to combact COVID-19
Enkarì:warahste - Kahnawake Schools, daycares, Youth Center and arena close as organizations address COVID-19,


MCK Housing clients that they may defer Housing payments due to lack of income caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic but must first go through the Kahnawake Economic Relief Fund (450-638-0500) to be screened. 

Those who wish to continue making payments cannot currently do so in person but may send a cheque (payable to the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake PO Box 720 J0L-1B0) or e-transfer (

View the eTransfer Instructions

The MSI Wage Subsidy Program was created to help employees who have suffered a work-related injury but can’t return to their original job. The program supports injured workers to re-train for a new occupation and get a new career on track. Employers can benefit by getting a subsidy for placing a trained worker, back into the work force! To see how this program could work for you or your business Call MSI today or got to

Stop The Spread Of Germs

The Dangers of Ice

Winter is always an exciting time of year for the outdoors type. Many enjoy venturing out for ice fishing, skating or snowmobiling and these activities usually take place on ice. What most people fail to recognize are the inherent dangers associated with ice.

Be prepared - know the dangers of ice!

Enkarì:warahste - Ice Safety Brochure

Taiaiake Gerald Alfred explains the MCK’s Governance Project on K1037

Posted December 20, 2019

On a recent K1037 talkshow, Taiaiake Gerald Alfred explains the current MCK Governance Project, which is designed to provide improved systems and structures for the functioning of the Council table to ensure an accountable, sound and responsible government.

Audio Click here to listen


For an extensive listing of all Kahnawà:ke Laws, visit the Community Decision Making Process website at Note: Clicking will take you to an external site

Public Documents

To review all public documents, visit


To review all Public Policies, visit

Mercier Bridge Project

August 14, 2019

At the request of the Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke, several questions needed to be answered about the Mercier Bridge Project. Attached are the Questions and Answers from the MTQ.

MTQ - Questions and Answers

New School Bus Policy & 2019 Summer School Bus Schedule

August 13, 2019

The new School Bus Policy (Daily Transportation Policy) is now available and in effect for the 2019-2020 School Year. A copy is available below.

Daily Transportation Policy - 2019
2019 Summer School bus schedule

Shared Vision Statement

The Visioning Committee Presented the Shared Vision Statement to Chief and Council on December 7, 2009

Click here to read

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Kahnawà:ke Aoká:ra

A history of the community and people of Kahnawá:ke.

Sénha É:so Aiesewawennahnó:ton Read more

Ón:wak Tekaristorará:kon

A listing of the most recent public documents:

Enkarì:warahste - 2019-2020 School Bus Schedule

Enkarì:warahste - MCK Housing Department Assessment Summary Report

Enkarì:warahste - Draft Water and Sanitation Policy

Enkarì:warahste - 2018-2019 MCK School Bus Schedule

Enkarì:warahste - Route 207 Safety Survey Results

Enkarì:warahste - Antenna System Siting Protocol

Enkarì:warahste - Political Priorities for Council of Chiefs 2015 - 2018

Enkarì:warahste - Kahnawake Workforce Inclusion Plan (Champlain Bridge Corridor Project)

Enkarì:warahste - 2016/2017 MCK Annual Budget

Enkarì:warahste - Kahnawà:ke Waste Management Plan

Enkarì:warahste - MCK summary of Quebec's Online Gambling: When the Reality of the Virtual Catches Up with Us" report)

Enkarì:warahste - Response to Editorial on National Post re: The Kahnawake Mohawk Council vs. Basic Human Rights (written by Marni Soupcoff)

Enkarì:warahste- Kahnawà:ke/Quebec Labour Agreement

Enkarì:warahste - Open Letter to Prime Minister Harper re: Canada's FNEA - 11/15/2013

Enkarì:warahste - Mohawk Council Executive Directive condemning Canada's FNEA - 11/15/2013

Akwé:kon Kahiatonhseraró:ron All documents

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