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Tioweró:ton Department

Tioweró:tonTioweró:ton Territory is Kahnawá:ke’s second home, a hunting area containing 18,375.8 acres, near the town of Ste. Lucie, in Northern Quebec.  Recent years have shown an increase of visitors wishing to enjoy the tranquility and beauty found in Tioweró:ton.  Records indicate that there are between 300-400 visitors each summer weekend.

Tioweró:ton Cabin Development-Land Use Survey results

May 25, 2022

The Lands Unit of the Mohawk Council of Kahnawą:ke wishes to present the results of the survey to gather the community's feedback regarding Recreational Land Use and Cabin Development in the Tioweró:ton Territory.

There are currently over 325 cabins, and the number continues to grow. Recently, these requests have increased significantly from an average of 11 cabin applications per year to 24 cabin applications in 2020 and 59 cabin applications in 2021.

The survey began on Tuesday, April 19, and concluded on Tuesday, May 3, at 11:59pm.
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Tioweró:ton Development and Cabin Ownership Procedures

May 8, 2020

The cabin construction application process in the 2004/2005 Tioweró:ton Policy has been amended and replaced with the Tioweró:ton Cabin Development and Ownership Procedures.
The new procedure will require the applicant to complete a 30-day communal posting and be approved prior to selecting a cabin construction site, similar to the Land Allotment Procedures. The 30-day communal posting will also apply to cabin sales/purchases. The new procedures prevent any cabin owners who have sold their cabin to acquire a new cabin construction site. View the document below:

- Download

Tioweró:ton Land Use survey results

Results of a Tioweró:ton Land Use survey are now available for viewing. The data collected from this survey is invaluable to the land use planning project. Community feedback is the foundation a Tioweró:ton land use plan framework needs to be built on. The results can be viewed below and more information on the Land Use project can be found on the Lands page.

Tioweró:ton Land Use Survey Results (In-Person)
Tioweró:ton Land Use Survey Results (Online)

Wind damage in Tioweró:ton

A severe wind storm in Tioweró:ton on Monday night (June 20), has downed numerous trees; blocking roads, driveways and even damaging some cabins. Below are photos of the damage:

Revised Tioweró:ton Policy

August 20, 2015

A 30 day review period begins Thursday, August 20th for the revised Tioweró:ton Policy & Procedures which can be viewed at the link below. Feedback can be submitted by email to or in person at the Lands Unit office until Friday, September 18th at 4pm.

Revised Tioweró:ton Policy - August 2015

Tioweró:ton Cell Tower Survey

August 24, 2015

The Tioweró:ton Committee is exploring the idea of having a tower installed along a boundary line to improve communications in the event of an emergency. It is believed that cell phone access would be beneficial to both Caretakers and Community Members.

Click here to take the survey

** It should be noted that the results of this survey will not be the only determining factor of the project.

Tioweroton Area

To purchase maps of the Territory, please contact the Coordinator Tara McComber at (450) 632-7500 or a Caretaker at the Main Cabin at (819) 321-3375.


It is our inherent right to hunt for sustenance when needed, however, for safety reasons, hunting should not occur near any populated areas or between dusk and dawn by means of “jack lighting”.  For conservation purposes, the hunting of moose cows are only permitted every 5 years beginning in September 2005 and the hunting of moose calves is prohibited.  It is strongly encouraged that proper caliber firearms be used when hunting. 

Cabin Construction

Community Members wanting to construct a cabin in Tioweró:ton can obtain Cabin Construction Applications from the Tioweró:ton Administrator at the Lands Unit or from the caretakers in Tioweró:ton.

Tioweró:ton Video

Tom Morris on Tioweró:tonTom Morris discusses how one man from Kahnawà:ke prevented the Tioweró:ton Territory from being lost.

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Services Provided:


  • Assist Community Members complete Cabin Construction Check Lists.
  • The Caretakers are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the Territory.

Tioweró:ton Administrator

  • Process cabin construction applications
  • Process requests for Tioweró:ton Committee.


  • The Tioweró:ton Policy and applications for new cabin construction can be obtained at the Lands Unit, in Tioweró:ton from the Caretakers at the main entrance or on the download section on this page.

The Lands Unit is located on the second floor of the Technical Services Building in front of Kateri School.


  • Tioweró:ton Administrator
  • Primary Caretaker
  • Auxiliary Caretaker
  • Seasonal Auxiliary Caretaker

You can also find the Tioweró:ton Newsletters that are handed out to Tioweró:ton residents/visitors located within the Download menu on the right.

Other information

For cabin insurance purposes, use the following postal code: J0T 2J0.

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